Friday, July 3, 2009

Crumble Rules Re-Expressed

While crumble was still being developed, my main goal was to keep a document that had all the rules expressed clearly, but not necessarily pithily or with any regard to continuity. That document eventually became what everyone had to refer to when they wanted to learn the game. And that document was a big reason why some newcomers would complain, "but it's so complicated!"

In fact, the rules of crumble are simpler than those of chess, and much, much simpler than many games available today. Recently I spent some time boiling the rules down into what I hope is a very clean, easy-to-understand page. The result can be found at

This is a much more visual document than the previous version, relying primarily on images, with a little text to help guide the way. It also attempts to present its information linearly, with as few forward dependencies as possible.

Whether this latest approach is successful or not is going to depend on the people who read it. I'm trying to get feedback from as many people as possible. So far most assessments are that it's a vast improvement over the previous version. But I plan to keep tweaking it until newcomers barely notice they're learning anything new. That's the ideal, anyway.

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