Thursday, December 4, 2008

Patent Pending

Well, the lawyers have filed the paperwork, and Crumble is now officially patent-pending. Woo hoo! I just told my various playtesters they can feel free to spread the game around, and I'm looking into ways of producing sets of the game on my own, just to satisfy the demand that already exists.

Crumble is a very neat-looking game. How neat? Here's the end-position of one game where Black won. As you can see, there's something weird going on here - some of those pieces are getting pretty small!

That's one of Crumble's distinctive qualities. The game is played by dividing multiple pieces into halves, and joining multiple pieces together into one. See if you can guess what particular feature of the above position has made Black the winner. Soon I'll publish a Google Sites page that gives all the rules, hopefully clearly enough so that people can actually learn how to play. But for now, I'm just announcing that the game exists, this blog exists, and I'm very excited about both those things.

Happy Crumbling!

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